Professional Biography

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Executive Chef & Food-Service Manager The Hong Kong Academy
33 Wai Man Road, Sai Kung NT HKSAR
(852) 2655 1111
June 2016, to Present

  • Develop, implement, manage & adapt a tailored food-service program for HKA,
  • providing a fresh, creative, nutritious approach in harmony with the vision and mission of the community. Offer a service that is captivating, adaptable; a leader in school food service excellence.
  • Provide a reasonably fluid variety of wholesome, nutritious & attractive food.
  • Foster open and cooperative communication with all parts of the community.
  • Develop a food-service team who demonstrate the values & mission of the community in their work, are friendly, professional, service and safety oriented.
  • Implement systems, and procedures to ensure best practice execution of food, nutrition, hygiene, safety, sustainable business & quality and service.
  • Work with leadership to provide information and engagement of students (and community) on all aspects of culinary operations, and cuisine.
Executive Chef and Food Service Business Manager, City Super Group
8/F Warf T&T Centre, Harbour City, 7 Canton Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
(852) 2277 9777
June 2014, to June 2016

  • Responsible to oversee business performance of the F&B department in identifying and evaluating new business opportunities and expanding business network.
  • Build market position of the responsible brands by locating, developing, defining, negotiating, and setting up business. Fully accountable to the profit and loss of the department.
  • Ensure the daily store operation are in compliance with local law and QA policies and procedure related to food safety and product quality.
  • Monitor, coach and develop staff members and colleagues.
  • Lead a highly accomplished team of managers and staff in 10 and a 30,000 sq ft central kitchen.
  • Maintain HACCP standards and ready for ISO 22,000 certification.
  • Lead the R and D team for new food and presentation meeting the cultural diversity of markets.
  • Develop related SOP covering menu planning, production, presentation control, purchasing and pricing.
  • Work with the executive team to develop new and improved business lines.
  • Work with other business units to develop complimentary synergistic businesses.
  • Work with supermarkets to add value to supermarket products.
Corporate Executive Chef, Gotham City Concepts
Fat Angelos & Angelos Pizza
Unit 4A Tung Kin Factory Building 196-198 Tsat Tsz Mui Road, Quarry Bay Hong Kong
(852) 2527 5767,
Dec 2012 to May 2014

  • Responsible for directing all culinary operations of the group.
    • Develop Executive Sous Chef & unit Chefs to full self-sufficiency and empowerment.
    • Manage food service quality, portion control, presentation and cost control.
    • Contribute to concept innovation, event management, menu pricing initiatives.
    • Manage purchasing, sourcing, vendor relations.
    • Keep recipes standardized and coordinated with back office.
    • Assist PR and Marketing department with large parties and special events.
    • Contribute to accurate expense tracking to provide accurate projections.
    • Implement and maintain safety, sanitation, and maintenance standards.
    • Continuously train BOH staff and improve culinary knowledge and skills.
    • Assist PR and Marketing efforts with promotions, press appearances, interviews.
    • Directly develop hands-on in-shop presence with guests and in social media strategy.
Operations Manager, Koh Thai Group
57 Wyndham Street, Central Hong Kong
(852) 3160 8535
June 2012 to Present
  • Directed the kitchen and service operations for a growing Thai group in Hong Kong.
    • Advised on 3 up-market table service restaurants, and 3 quick service kiosks.
    • Coordinated food & service for a busy pleasure (junk) boat catering business.
    • Developed a central production kitchen.
    • Assisted the group to develop and codify group recipes, standards and procedures.
    • Develop training material and train managers and supervisors to better serve the guest.
    • Implemented food product QA and Hygiene systems.
    • Helped select shop locations, plan and manage the buildout.
  • Helped develop other restaurant and business concepts.
    • Helped hire and train key operations staff.
    • Handled customer feedback directly.
    • Advised the board on all matters of the business.
Chef-Proprietor, Ugly American Bar + Grill
Shop 14, G/F, 18 Wang On Road, North Point HKSAR
(852) 2887 0832
September 2010 to June 2012
  • Chef and Company Manager for a start-up USA themed Bar + Grill.
    • Developed the theme to meet shareholder objectives.
    • Helped select shop location, plan and managed the buildout.
    • Managed licensing & launch of the restaurant.
    • Hired and trained the key operations staff.
    • Developed key partnerships.
    • Handled customer feedback directly.
    • Represented the company in industry and legal affairs.
    • Positioned the company for self-sufficient operations.
    • Advised the board on all matters of the business.
Executive Chef and Company Manager, MIX (Global Force Limited)
21/F Dorset House, Taikoo Place, 979 Kings Road Hong Kong
(852) 2152 5318
June 2009 to September 2011

  • Company Manager and Chef for a chain of 10-gourmet quick service café’s.
    • Reported to the board of directors.
    • Managed a team of 10 executives and more than 80 operations staff.
    • Oversaw annual sales of 5 million USD.
    • Managed operating profits of more than 3 million USD.
    • Implemented strategies to counter economic downturn and H1N1 threats.
    • Directly reduced overheads by more than 1.2 Million USD per year.
    • Developed key landlord relationships.
    • Created key supplier partnerships.
    • Implemented broad ranging improved cost controls.
    • Realigned the operations to set rather than follow trends.
    • Handled customer feedback directly.
    • Represented the company in industry and legal affairs.
    • Helped position the company for a strategic partnership.
    • Helped the board to identify key strategic partners and buyers.
    • Advised board on sale of business to a publicly listed F&B conglomerate.
    • Oversaw due diligence and sale of Mix to the publicly listed entity.
    • Handled the swift and seamless transition of the business to new owners
    • Lead a project to dramatically improve all food and beverage products.
    • Revolutionized more than 80% of the core menu.
    • Developed a constant flow of new F&B products.
    • Implemented a new & fresh chef-driven marketing strategy.
Guest Lecturer, Macau IFT
March 2008 to June 2010
  • Worked with Macau IFT and Macau government to create a range of interesting short lectures geared towards strengthening the culinary knowledge of Macau’s burgeoning new F&B employee sector.
    • Developed and presented topical workshops to F&B industry staff.
Part-Time Lecturer, Hong Kong University SPACE
March 2008 to June 2008
  • Developed and presented course materials for continuing education students working towards management diplomas.
    • Lectured both the F&B administration and F&B Operations classes.
    • Maintained class records and grades.
Sir Hudson International
Caffe Habitu, Suzuki Cafe, Habitu Restuarante, Teppan, Harakan.
3/F, Westin Centre, 26 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
(852) 3116-8313,
July 2007 to October 2007
Group Culinary Consultant
  • Created standardized recipe’s and procedures.
    • Develop standard controls & purchasing systems.
    • Direct development of all new products and menu’s.
    • Direct groups central kitchen.
    • Developed complete food safety, sanitation, hygiene, and QA program.
    • Directed an international brigade of Chefs, and Sous Chefs.
    • Worked with projects team to create and implement new shops and concepts.
    • Designed all new kitchen facilities, and approved all kitchen equipment.
Managing Director & Executive Chef, Born Free Limited
Casa Nostra Trattoria & Liberty Grill.
G/F, 61 Caine Road, Central, Hong Kong
(852) 2577-3448,
October 2002 to February 2008
  • Assembled a team to develop a business plan, goals & strategies.
    • Marketed, the plan raising the full capital of US$600K within 6 months.
    • Directed the implementation of the plan to launch on time and in budget.
    • Implemented the operational plans to run the businesses.
    • Developed growth to reach sales of US$550K & 37K guests per year.
    • Have achieved 198% growth in guest count & 160% growth in revenue.
    • Continued the ongoing development and improvement of the restaurant.
    • At lease end determined how to cease operations.
    • Advised shareholders and board on the process of closing the business.
    • Successfully closed the business and liquidated the assets.
Director of Product Development, Pret A Manger (Hong Kong) LTD
23/F, No. 1 On Hing Terrace, Central, Hong Kong
(852) 2520 0445,
August 2001 to October 2002
  • Point executive for development of Pret, Hong Kong.
    • Instrumental in developing and implementing the concept for Hong Kong.
    • Directly responsible for creating and implementing the Hong Kong menu.
    • Responsible for initiating and developing key supplier relationships.
    • Actively helped launch the flagship shop on time and in budget.
    • Actively assisted the business to exceed start-up sales expectations.
    • Directly assembled the food development team.
    • Designed and supervised construction of Hong Kong development kitchen.
    • Guided the NPD team to a continuous product development cycle.
    • Built a backlog of new products.
    • Helped the company develop new systems, training methods and products.
Executive Chef and Founding Partner, Fat Angelo's Italian Restaurant
904, 181-185 Gloucester Rd., Wanchai, Hong Kong
(852) 2527 5767,
January 1998 to August 2001

  • Founding partner, director, operations officer, and chef for Fat Angelo’s Italian Restaurants.
    • Fundamental in business creation, development and operation.
    • As a founding partner, conducted market studies to develop the business plan.
    • Marketed, the plan raising US$600K within three months of circulation
    • Participated in the developing and opening the restaurant on time and in budget.
    • Led the operations team in developing all operational specs including
    • Managed the operation to create exponential growth, achieving break-even within one month.
    • Built monthly guest count of 12K and average daily sales of more than US$8.7K.
    • Reached a net profit of US$47K (18%) per month, within the first 6 months.
    • Worked with the Board to continue the ongoing development of the restaurant.
    • Achieved US$150K in added annual profit and implemented an expansion strategy.
    • Managed launch of new stores building a 4 store, 180 staff, group, with sales of US$10M.
    • Directed all restaurants to build annual sales of over US$10M and annual profits of US$1.2M.
    • Directly instrumental in bringing share prices and company value from $1 to $12 per share.
Corporate Executive Chef, Windy City International
17/F, 24-32 Queens Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong
(852) 2577 2053,
June 1997 to January 1998 (March 1994 to December 1995 – Executive Chef)
  • Direction and management for all food production departments, systems and efforts.
    • Contributed strongly to annual sales of US$20M.
    • Developed a large range of products and menus, which increased annual sales by US$500K.
    • Reduced kitchen labor costs by US$250K per year.
    • Established food safety, facilities sanitation, staff hygiene, and QA program.
    • Created strategic partnerships to reduce costs, translating to US$100K in additional profit.
    • Directed 4 chefs, and 12 production managers in three countries.

Corporate Executive Chef, Elite Concepts
American Pie, America Pie Factory, Bahama Mamma's, Cafe Des Artistes, Indochine, La Cite, Pousada Sao Tiago, Tokio Joe, Tutta Luna, Tutto Meglio, Tutto Bene
7/F, 34 D'Agular Street, Central, Hong Kong
(852) 2521 0756
December 1995, to June 1997
  • Executive management of the kitchens, systems and efforts.
    • Directed kitchens of 14 separate fine dining restaurants, in a multinational setting.
    • Managed a global cuisine range to achieve annual sales of US$15M.
    • Standardized recipes & systems to improve efficiency & accuracy, peaking guest satisfaction.
    • Set-up standard cost control, purchasing & inventory, lowering waste, and improving quality.
    • Directed the development of all new products and menu’s.
Historical Professional Biography
The Wickenburg Inn (The Hotel Group Inc.)
P.O. Box P, Wickenburg AZ 85358 (602) 684-7811
4/92 to 3/94 - Executive Chef / Food & Beverage Director/Resident Manager

Yesterday's Restaurant
9035 N. 8th St., Phoenix AZ 85020 (602) 861-9080
1/90 to 4/92 - Executive Chef.

Jackson Lake Lodge (summer work)
P.O. Box JLL, Moran WY 83013 (307) 543-2811
5/91 to 10/91 Garde Manger
Perkins Family Restaurant
214 W. Bell Rd., Phoenix AZ (602) 957 7660
12/87 to 3/88 Kitchen Supervisor

Bobby Mc Gee's Conglomeration
2701 E. Camelback, Phx AZ
(602) 957-7660
12/85 to 12/87 - Kitchen Supervisor / Store Trainer

Cesar's Italian Restaurant
217 N. Forest, Forest Park
1/82 to 12/85 - Cook.
Coco's Restaurant
1901 W. Northern Ave, Phx AZ 85021
(602) 848-6378
9/89 to 12/89 - Relief Cook

Mr. Lucky's Night Club
3660 Grand Ave., Phx AZ 85031 (602) 246-0687
5/89 to 9/89 - Assistant Kitchen Manager

Marie Calendar’s Restaurant
2420 W. Northern Ave., PHz AZ 85021
(602) 995-3319
4/88 to 5/89 - Kettle Manager
Awards & Recognitions
*Certified Food & Beverage, Sector Specialist Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications.

*Hong Kong Chefs Association, Executive Committee – Vice President and Treasurer.

*World Association of Chefs, Global Chef Challenge, Hong Kong Round – Finalist.

*American Culinary Federation, Arizona, Mystery Box Competition – Bronze Medal Winner.

*American Culinary Federation, Northern Arizona Hot Food Competition: Third Place
* February 2014 - WACS Certified Executive Chef, World Association of Chefs Societies & City & Guilds.

* December 2013 – Hygiene Manager Certificate, The Open University of Hong Kong

* July 2008 – Certified Chef, German Culinary & Restaurant Academy, & HITDC, Hong Kong SAR

* December 2007 – Hygiene Supervisor Certificate Hong Kong Productivity Council, Hong Kong, SAR

* January 1994 – Advanced Kitchen Management Certificate Scottsdale Culinary Institute, AZ, USA

* 1985 to 1990 – Course Study: Nutrition, Psychology and Philosophy. MCC, Arizona, USA

* December 1982 – General Education Diploma, Maricopa County, Arizona