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Astonishing, nutritionally balanced, home-cooked, food has been part of my life since early childhood. I learned the traditions and values of cooking at the apron strings of my Grandmother and Mother. These fine women knew the value of a dollar and how to squeeze the last drop of warmth, health and flavour out of every ingredient. I have spent my life trying to adhere to these important lessons and I work ceaselessly in my profession to recreate the warmth, pleasure and conviviality of dining at home.

There is no more important work than being of service to other people. I believe that a chef has a responsibility to work in service to the guests, the staff, the business and the community; not solely in pursuit of their own celebrity.

After my first, self-owned restaurant, Fat Angelo's had reached phenomenal success, and had moved form the hands-on enterprise I enjoy managing, towards a medium-sized company, I began offering my unique insight and skills to other food and beverage operations; both in Hong Kong and abroad. This path has allowed me to keep involved in innovation and creation, while passing on the lions share of rewards to my restaurants and clients.

As if running my own businesses, volunteering in the community, and providing invaluable service to business and industry was not a full enough plate; in 2008 I began lecturing in both Hong Kong and Macau. My classes cover food and beverage management and training, as well as workshops on the craft of culinary preparation, and lectures with a bend towards culinary lore and history.

I am always looking for new adventures, and opportunities. If, after viewing A Chef At Large, you believe you see an opportunity to collaborate, please drop me a line.
Certainly, with a lifetime of food & beverage experience, as well as 18-years in international capacity; Christopher Gallaga possesses the skills, experience & acumen necessary to be an extraordinary, long-term business partner.
Henry Chik - Restaurant Company Director