Natural Pineapple

pineappleA worthy little blip from Food Beast, about the humble, ubiquitous, Pineapple came across my feeds this week. The post is about how just a few centuries ago, the Pineapple was a status symbol and a single fruit could range to more than 50,000 of todays Hong Kong dollars.  Continue reading

First they came for the Pastry Chefs?

I had a good chuckle this morning over the storm brewing in my extended, pastry chef, friends list, tea-cup (overextended metaphor?). The storm was regarding an article in Esquire entitled Who Needs Fancy Desserts? I admit that I didn’t read the article. It started with a phrase, that as a gay man, I am too familiar with, and have used (perhaps unfairly) as a filter for nonsense. The phrase (or any of its close kin) is:

Don’t get me wrong. Some of my best friends are… Continue reading


For sixteen years we have walked this world together, hand in hand.

  • Thank you for making it a more bearable experience.
  • Thanks for tasting all my cooking experiments, even the ones that needed more work.
  • Thanks for keeping our garden and growing wonderful fruits, vegetables and herbs for us to eat.
  • Thanks for being such a good uncle to all our nieces and nephews…I look like a better uncle than maybe I am because I am by your side.
  • Thanks for easy sunday walks when we are both feeling lazy, but guilty of being slothful too.
  • Thanks for helping me care for our crazy pets.
  • Thanks for following me up spur of the moment insane mountain climbs.
  • Thanks for supporting me when I decide I want to enter a culinary competition.
  • Thanks for supporting my career decisions, even when they worry you.
  • Thanks for being a good co pilot in the car.
  • Thanks for letting me play my guitars while we watch TV.
  • Thanks for going guitar shopping with me.
  • Thanks for making sure I am integrated into your family.
  • Thanks for integrating so well into mine.
  • Thanks for having a passion for good food, and adventure dining.
  • Thanks for the sunday hikes with friends and family.
  • Thanks for the roof top BBQ hosting.
  • Thanks for minding our home while I travel for work.
  • Thanks for managing our helper.
  • Thanks for summer swims.
  • Thanks for hiking in Olympic with me, and carrying your long lens.
  • Thanks for being my partner on our Alaska Adventure…the one who had my back.
  • Thanks for keeping me sane and focused when I was having trouble keeping there myself.
  • Thanks for helping me back from the dangerous bike ride.
  • Thanks for being game to be silly and playful at a moments notice.
  • Thanks for running up Exit Glacier together …sometimes a few minutes of adventure with you is good enough.
  • Thanks for all the jade, and for helping recover it.
  • Thanks for escalating our crazy and difficult hike plans every week.
  • Thanks for helping find great food to eat in the most remote locations.
  • Thanks for sitting on the sofa together.
  • Thanks for 8 years of exceptional marriage.
  • Thanks for 16 years as an exceptional partner in life.

I love you very, very, very, very much.


Two for One

IMG_3311I received two double yolks in my breakfast yesterday, I guess making me doubly blessed for the year to come. From what I can tell the double yolk is regarded as a portent of good fortune in all chicken eating cultures. Sure, it is the ultimate two for one offer. Why would’;t it give anyone cause to hope that the fates have deigned shine on us in particular a little more than usual. Continue reading

High Spirits


The above pic shows a scatter chart noted in the Washington post, that shows clear preferences based on political party affiliation. I wonder what was showed for the unaffiliated? Anyway, there is no easy link to the data, and these things are more than likely to be rather unscientific (lies, damned lies, and statistics). To quote Christopher Hitchens:

…”public opinion” is not usually recycled until it has been treated. Only then are people informed wether or not their own opinion enjoys the certification of being the majority or approved one. Even general elections, which are supposed to involve voting in the active voice  rather than the passive one, have been increasingly compromised by passive dress rehearsals: The polls condition the poll.  Continue reading

First Principals

38 copy

The picture is of me, in the beginning of my third year of being (just a month or so after my second birthday). I have joked that this is proof I have had an intimate relationship with food since 1967. To be honest, I don’t remember this. I know it is a picture of me…it is strange how many similarities remain, and the date is clearly stamped. I also vaguely recognise the setting, though that may be false memory implanted through familiarity with the photo. I am clearly proud to have made my bowl clean, and in hindsight this does seem somewhat prophetic of my long relationship to pasta… Continue reading

Most Things Don’t Work

Our data demonstrates that you’re doomed to look the way you look,” Wing added. “You are stuck in your body and it’s never going to look any better than it does right now. In fact, it will only get worse.

A very ironic Year in Review item from the Onion popped up recently, that I had missed when it was originally out. The theme is that diet and exercise don’t really work, and we all ought to stop trying.

It is funny because for the most part it is true, there is very little we can control about our look (aside from externalities like fashion and cosmetics). Eat better to have better fuel, excursive to have better function…but as for looks? It’s all down hill from the cradle to the grave.

Just Say No to Supplements

Alternative Medicine has either not been proved to work, or been proved not to work. You know what they call alternative medicine that’s been proved to work? Medicine. – Tim Minchin

A close family friend recently brought up the topic of nutritional supplements (daily vitamins). I toiled her that from everything I have read the us elf them is now considered either a waste of money or downright dangerous (the latter is mostly confined to high dose supplements like those vitamin recharge packs in convenience stores, or what some gym bunnies try to do). Continue reading