I Dreamt I Was A Chef

Last night I dreamt I was a chef. Having been a chef in the past, the dream had that ultra-real quality that dreams which draw on memories have. There was a familiar pass shelf, and dining room, there were even familiar colleagues from years gone by. Continue reading

Not Safe For Discussion

Yesterday, on Facebook, I noted a “joke” on my Facebook feed from a “friend.” After a brief discussion (I will detail below) the “friend” blocked me from all access. So, unfortunately this story (and any further discussion) will have to rely on my testimony and memory alone. Sine he chose to disassociate completely (that will be difficult in certain trade related events) I also will not bring up any personal info here, this may make for an awkward telling. Continue reading


Of course, burying ones loved ones brings the finality of death into sharp focus. Does one look on from above as family make arrangements for the final resting place? My own thought is that it is physically impossible. There are no eyes to do the looking, those are dead and decaying. There is no brain to be the one in question. The best science has to offer is that there is no reason to believe in a soul. With anaesthesia we have all the necessary technology to vanish the self, with great ease, and as neurology clearly shows, it is all about brain function. There is no seat of the soul and there appears to be no evidence for a magical essence that is separate from the brain.  Continue reading

Goodbye Mother Chik

Last night, shortly after being served dinner by her younger daughter, Henry’s mother stopped breathing. The hospital staff was unable to revive her and so she died, around 8:30PM, she was 83. In life she was a house maid, then after marriage she worked doing garment piece work from home while being a homemaker for her family. She is survived by four good, kind, and productive children, and two budding grandchildren. She won’t be remembered in the press, but her small acts are part of the great human condition, and her memorial will be the expanding works of her progeny. We will all be fortunate enough to have had such a long life, leaving such an excellent legacy in our wake.

Acupuncture My Ass

Well, good reader, I have been to see the spine specialist, whom after some money and time, again confirmed I have a fractured coccyx, and that it sucks to be me. He too is amazed that I don’t know when it happen and also seems surprised i’m not writhing in pain.  Bad genes is my guess. Continue reading

Before the Beginning

Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the long awaited Occ the Skeptical Caveman Mini-series produced by the Skeptics Guide to the Universe.  If you don’t listen to the SGU podcast you are missing one of audios best serial shows. Apparently the SGU is up for Science podcast of the year so, as we say in Chicago, vote early and vote often.

And let me tell you why…

Last week I may have been misunderstood to by wining about my lot, or perhaps some even thought I was depressed. Far from it, I assure you. I have a near bulletproof emotional state in this regard, and while melancholia occasionally graces my doorstep, I quickly and easily shoo it away.

Rather, I was, and remain woefully disappointed in the state of both the culinary industry as a whole (at least in my small town, but likely on a global scale in some respect) and perhaps more-so with the culinary associations with which I have become intimately involved. Continue reading

Scan Complete – Fragmentation Detected.

My dear reader, I know I promised an update on my back, post MRI, and so here goes: The scan turned up what we already knew. Not only am I a fine specimen of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, but I also have a broken tail bone ( of unknown origin) that is subluxdediding (however you say it). I’m seeing a back specialist next week who will probably give me more meds and tell me to play nicely for a time. There is not usually much else to be done, unless one goes for chiropractic or Chinese bone setting…I don’t. At any rate, none of this is important, what is important is that the focusing scan of the MRI proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have a brain. To all you doubters, I told you so.

No He Didn’t

Speaking of celebrity death, Noma graduate and budding chef Martin Bentzen of Shanghai’s Napa Wine Bar died suddenly at the young age of thirty-two. It has been reported that he died of stress, this is most certainly media hype and not medical fact, and I can’t for the life of me understand how spreading such stories gives comfort to his loved ones, or help to anyone else.  Continue reading