All Borders Are Fiction, Perhaps Especially Food Borders.

I came across a rather silly, surprisingly stupid article from NPR yesterday. Surprising because regardless of leaning NPR is more often than not known for intelligent content. Still we must try to imagine all experts as if they are mammals, and in this NPR helps us out. The piece in question (at once answering a common question on the existence of stupid questions) asked: “When is it OK to profit from cooking other cultures food.”  Continue reading

Not Safe For Discussion

Yesterday, on Facebook, I noted a “joke” on my Facebook feed from a “friend.” After a brief discussion (I will detail below) the “friend” blocked me from all access. So, unfortunately this story (and any further discussion) will have to rely on my testimony and memory alone. Sine he chose to disassociate completely (that will be difficult in certain trade related events) I also will not bring up any personal info here, this may make for an awkward telling. Continue reading

A Pain in the Ass

A Big Back Has A Big Front...

A Big Back Has A Big Front…

Right about the time I started my new job, I developed an intolerable pain in my tail bone and lower back if I sat too long, (believe me the metaphor is fitting). It was especially painful when rising from seating. Walking, hiking standing there was almost no pain at all. Not having any memorable accident related to the advent of pain I marked it off to a job that demands far more seat time than any job I have had in the past. I assumed that I would get used to and grow into this, kind of like forming knife calluses on the index finger.  Continue reading

Not a Magic Fan

Airflow-Image_1aA friend of mine, who has no money, but a lot of time to dream of things he would buy if he had money, has for some time, urged me to buy everything ever made by Dyson. Not the sphere guy, that I could get behind, but the appliance guy. I looked over his vacuums and found they used a lot of the same gobbledygook the food marketers do, when they have no real point but want to sound all science like and official. The vacuums have one thing going for them, they have a price comparable to market, but otherwise I remain unimpressed. Continue reading

75¢ Service

The two on the right were customer made.

The two on the right were customer made.

In my industry, and in my current company we often talk about superior service in terms of universal superlative memes like “Million Dollar Service,” or “Five Star Service.” I am often suspicious that these memes are just paying lip service (a common meme used for insincere service) to a nebulous goal that is unattainable in part because it is ill defined, and in part because there is no apparent actual ambition to reach it, as in budgets, training or other real-world initiatives that would at least move a service team closer to the goal. At any rate, it has been a hot topic recently, with a lot of energy being spent and fuelled by the alleged pursuit of the height of service excellence. Continue reading

So Much Joy!

10649788_10152322073121082_7642065700375728906_nI write to express my sadness at the passing of Tom Maggliozzi, of Car Talk fame. I listened to CarTalk for decades, even, while living at home, thus putting the rest of the family through the regular Saturday morning cackle of Click and Clack. They were one of my go-to podcasts for clever, kind, self-deprecating humour, that inspired me to think and act the same.  Continue reading

More equal than…PWIF Part 1.


None Shall Pass

As many of you know I my employer shut down in May without notice and without final pay. Therefore I and all of the staff to some degree, were abruptly hurled onto the boggy path of seeking redress through the Hong Kong Protection of Wages on Insolvency Scheme.

Continue reading