Goodbye Cody, January 6, 2018

Cody’s last moments.

I have been asked to write a book chronicling the life of our dog Cody. As I ponder the reams of paper my omnipresent writers block has left blank, this seems a daunting task, and probably a fool’s errand. On the other hand, this will perhaps become one more gift a wonderful friend and companion has left me. That through the telling of his mute life, I may find my voice again, and possibly some peace with the void his passing has left in my heart.  Continue reading

An addendum to Dan Ryan’s 

  We dropped in again today to enjoy the nostalgia, but are again stymied by a poor service mindset. In this case it goes to the head office, though the staff remains about the same as last time…unfriendly, downright grumpy, and technically incompetent.

The headquarters has switched this shop to a limited menu eliminating many of the classics (like all of the sandwiches). It seems (though I have an incomplete survey) that they eliminated lower priced items. Meanwhile their two other Hong Kong shops sell the full menu, so their is no logistic or supply reason for the cut in service, just one of serving themselves over the needs of their customers. Perhaps an avaricious last dash to grab as much cash as possible from the Pacific Place store. One could assume that many coming in this period, are their most loyal fans. Though to be frank we are again sitting in a restaurant nearly devoid of customer on a day where it would have once been overflowing with trade and good cheer. That’s a crying shame.


How The Mighty May Have Fallen


As many in Hong Kong know, Dan Ryan’s in Pacific Place is closing down after 27 years. I hasten to add the group is still alive and kicking, even though the flagship is about to close. Dan’s was not only one of the first tenants of Pacific Place, a once singular hub of Hong Kong shopping elites, but was also one of the first authentic, successful, freestanding, restaurants here. Dan’s was founded in part because the group of bankers who started it were sick of what they called hotel food. At that time about the only way to get imported western food was to eat at hotels. Hotels often tend to fuse things and in so doing make passable but often inauthentic or caricatured dining experiences. Continue reading

An Unknown Soldier.

Blair and I (upper left) at an after work bitch session somewhere in Wanchai 1995.

Blair and I (upper left) at an after work bitch session somewhere in Wanchai 1995.

I learned last night that a former colleague and friend died suddenly of a heart attack at the relatively young age of 56. Blair Anthony Sweet and I both worked for Dan Ryan’s at the same time, when I first moved to Hong Kong in 1994. He had arrived about a year earlier, and as such was my first Chef friend in town. We worked each in one of Dan’s two Hong Kong shops so we always had a bit of friendly sibling rivalry going. Continue reading

Goodbye Mother Chik

Last night, shortly after being served dinner by her younger daughter, Henry’s mother stopped breathing. The hospital staff was unable to revive her and so she died, around 8:30PM, she was 83. In life she was a house maid, then after marriage she worked doing garment piece work from home while being a homemaker for her family. She is survived by four good, kind, and productive children, and two budding grandchildren. She won’t be remembered in the press, but her small acts are part of the great human condition, and her memorial will be the expanding works of her progeny. We will all be fortunate enough to have had such a long life, leaving such an excellent legacy in our wake.

Scan Complete – Fragmentation Detected.

My dear reader, I know I promised an update on my back, post MRI, and so here goes: The scan turned up what we already knew. Not only am I a fine specimen of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, but I also have a broken tail bone ( of unknown origin) that is subluxdediding (however you say it). I’m seeing a back specialist next week who will probably give me more meds and tell me to play nicely for a time. There is not usually much else to be done, unless one goes for chiropractic or Chinese bone setting…I don’t. At any rate, none of this is important, what is important is that the focusing scan of the MRI proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have a brain. To all you doubters, I told you so.

No He Didn’t

Speaking of celebrity death, Noma graduate and budding chef Martin Bentzen of Shanghai’s Napa Wine Bar died suddenly at the young age of thirty-two. It has been reported that he died of stress, this is most certainly media hype and not medical fact, and I can’t for the life of me understand how spreading such stories gives comfort to his loved ones, or help to anyone else.  Continue reading

Live Long, and Prosper

I, was as much a fan of Leonard Nemoy as anyone, having grown up on his portrayal of Spock in the original Star Trek, and being a lifelong a sci-fi geek. But, like I have said about other celebrities, I do not mourn his passing. Apparently he died after having lived a long and prosperous life by any imagination. And yes I believe he did much with his life, to make the world a better place. Besides the media has certainly done more than enough eulogising of this incredibly fortunate (and lovely) man for anyones taste.  Continue reading


SONY DSCI have often lived a rough life, with addiction, homelessness, and a lot of hard jobs in between. I have also treated my body as a regenerating tool, never failing to put it through it’s paces, always pushing it to work harder in my service (after all it only needs last my lifetime). I am medically and genetically fortunate. Even now, obese and aging, my medical results are sterling, my doctors still have a note of surprise when they see my general chemistry and fitness are above my peer group. Continue reading