The Value of Vocation

For three weeks this summer Henry and I stayed at our first, and probably last airbnb. We have no true horror stories to share, we were not robbed, or cheated, nor were we in any danger. At worst we experienced a few minor inconveniences or injustices. However, what airbnb gave us was a reminder that Hotelier, like Chef, or Writer (to name just a few), is a serious vocation, not something just anyone can play at (my written word is evidence enough). Continue reading


It is July 3, 2017, I’m inPhoenix, and the vultures are circling.

Three days ago, our first morning in the states, we ventured forth to ride the Phoenix Metro Light Rail from our airbnb to my Parents home. About half way through the journey an SUV careened into the tram, before spinning out, taking down an 8 inch thick lamp pole, and crashing headlong into a wall.  Continue reading

Making a show.

Hey friends, City Super’s wonderful culture club Executive Chef Charmaine has invited me to help out with a few cooking classes coming Christmas week.

1. On December 20th I will do a “Christmas Family Roast” of inverted turducken (Chiduckee?), along with twice baked potatoes and glazed winter veggies.

2. On December 22, I will make “A Very Vegan Christmas” featuring a Portobello Wellington, along with Quinoa Pilaf in a Baby Pumpkin, and Winter Berry Trifle.

Please feel free to sign up so that you can criticise my inept culinary skills first hand.


Happy Thanksgiving You Turkey!

IMG_8760Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. It speaks directly to the kind of chef I have always wanted and tried to be. It is a purely American, purely secular holiday of conviviality. The sharing of warmth and familiarity with loved ones, around a table piled high with good, rustic, homey, and wholesome food. It is the opportunity to assess the bounty of ones life, ones kith an kin, ones larder, ones fortune…and in so doing appreciate all that there is rather than being mindful of what is missing. Continue reading

Happy Cho 15!

I’m Rich, I Tells Ya!

The end of the formal festivities of the Year of the Goat has arrived with day 15. Tonight is the night of the lantern festival, and of course one must prepare ones lantern…but forget all that. The real importance of the day is that those of us who get Lai See (red pockets full of cash) get to open it and see just how lucky we’ve been at bilking our friends and loved ones out of cash. This year I did better than usual, but only by coercion and trickery. I intentionally sought out those who by tradition must to give me a packet – those in superior employment positions – my supervisors. Oddly I also had one sister-in-law insist on giving me double lai see, maybe she was showing her disapproval of our marriage, who knows, and so what, her money (like my bosses) still spends.

Of course to net my haul I had to dish out about 20 times that in bait…fishing is often a loss making institution.
Kung Hei Fat Choi!

What’s in a name?

(null)Kung Hei Fat Choi! Welcome to the year of the (dare I say it?) goat! Recently the year came under a flurry of dispute as euphemistic language took hold and, much like the rodent before (year of the Rat became Mouse in polite company) so the year of the Goat became Sheep and then Ram. Well we have a judgement on high and it is indeed the year of the Goat. Continue reading

The Problem with Ricky Gervaise

I have from time to time enjoyed some of Ricky Gervais’s humour. I thought Office and Extra’s were oddly funny and mostly enjoyable. I even liked some of his pod cast (when it was free) and stand-up, though I often found myself uncomfortable with what seemed to me to be a bullying and bigoted mindset.

Today, as with many days off we take Cody with us, for lunch, a walk, maybe a hike, some swimming, some running and good old family time. We have done so with Cody for nearly 12 years…all of his life. We have cared for Cody, trained him and had him certified to be off leash (one of the few in HK) we love and cherish him, always bring or buy him plenty of water and specifically are the best experts of his well-being.  Continue reading