I was invited to host a feed of the cooking week ask me anything on amafeeds. Feel free to drop in and fire off a question. As I have nothing in particular to sell, I took the ask me anything format to heart and will answer anything you think you may want to know about my life (provided I don’t feel it is too personal). Most of the questions so far are about my vocation but a few are more about life. All the questions so far are interesting and many have caused me to ponder and even reestablish some first principles. 

All Borders Are Fiction, Perhaps Especially Food Borders.

I came across a rather silly, surprisingly stupid article from NPR yesterday. Surprising because regardless of leaning NPR is more often than not known for intelligent content. Still we must try to imagine all experts as if they are mammals, and in this NPR helps us out. The piece in question (at once answering a common question on the existence of stupid questions) asked: “When is it OK to profit from cooking other cultures food.”  Continue reading

iHealth Update

For all of my (2) regular readers, I just wanted to update the saga of our digital scale purchase and subsequent disappointment. iHealth’s agent (maybe manufacturer) in China did eventually send a curt, vaguely apologetic, reply and notice that they would send me a replacement scale (same model). After some wrangling with the new courier about delivery times it was eventually delivered. So I can say that they have lived up to their obligation under warranty. What I am going to do with two cheap plastic scales when I wasn’t happy with the one? Certainly not their problem. At any rate it is only fair that I note the resolution for what it is worth. .

The scales fell from my eyes. 

I have been fighting a protracted “battle of the bulge” since my late twenties (more on that perhaps elsewhere). In a previous campaign some 18 years ago I bought a then, top of the line body analysis scale from Tanita. It did weight and body fat (probably not accurately but still, data is data). It was steel and something of a tank, no doubt one of the last before materials sciences gave us the modern era of lightweight polymers. It served it’s purpose well enough but is a bit worse for wear and has become obsolete through modern software innovation more than anything else. As a scale it still does a good job. Continue reading

Not Safe For Discussion

Yesterday, on Facebook, I noted a “joke” on my Facebook feed from a “friend.” After a brief discussion (I will detail below) the “friend” blocked me from all access. So, unfortunately this story (and any further discussion) will have to rely on my testimony and memory alone. Sine he chose to disassociate completely (that will be difficult in certain trade related events) I also will not bring up any personal info here, this may make for an awkward telling. Continue reading

No He Didn’t

Speaking of celebrity death, Noma graduate and budding chef Martin Bentzen of Shanghai’s Napa Wine Bar died suddenly at the young age of thirty-two. It has been reported that he died of stress, this is most certainly media hype and not medical fact, and I can’t for the life of me understand how spreading such stories gives comfort to his loved ones, or help to anyone else.  Continue reading

Not a Magic Fan

Airflow-Image_1aA friend of mine, who has no money, but a lot of time to dream of things he would buy if he had money, has for some time, urged me to buy everything ever made by Dyson. Not the sphere guy, that I could get behind, but the appliance guy. I looked over his vacuums and found they used a lot of the same gobbledygook the food marketers do, when they have no real point but want to sound all science like and official. The vacuums have one thing going for them, they have a price comparable to market, but otherwise I remain unimpressed. Continue reading

It’s (not) Frankenfood!

Following yesterdays theme let me lob another grenade at everyones favourite food demon: GMO. One of my weekly podcast subscriptions, from before it was cool, is the wonderful Skeptoid, by Brian Dunning. It is an extra treat that this week Brian (who is away on forced sabbatical) hosted the show instead of one of his guests. The episode lists and knocks down all the favourite tropes of anti-GMO advocates. For those who prefer, the episode is always also transcribed (at the link) for easy reading. In the end we are left with no reasonable objection to the continuing progress of our “farmacology”.