Grief is an odd thing…perhaps the greatest lurker-troll. We can sense it throughout our day, stirring around the delta of consciousness, but not quite palpable. Then it strikes, out of the depths, with full, blunt, force. Perhaps in a momentary reflection on the past…a picture, a smell, or a simple chore. The thought of how our loved one is no more, will never take part in this life again strikes us as if by complete surprise. In the flash of an instant we shift from a normal composure to a sobbing agony of lonely contemplation. Continue reading

Goodbye Cody, January 6, 2018

Cody’s last moments.

I have been asked to write a book chronicling the life of our dog Cody. As I ponder the reams of paper my omnipresent writers block has left blank, this seems a daunting task, and probably a fool’s errand. On the other hand, this will perhaps become one more gift a wonderful friend and companion has left me. That through the telling of his mute life, I may find my voice again, and possibly some peace with the void his passing has left in my heart.  Continue reading

The Problem with Ricky Gervaise

I have from time to time enjoyed some of Ricky Gervais’s humour. I thought Office and Extra’s were oddly funny and mostly enjoyable. I even liked some of his pod cast (when it was free) and stand-up, though I often found myself uncomfortable with what seemed to me to be a bullying and bigoted mindset.

Today, as with many days off we take Cody with us, for lunch, a walk, maybe a hike, some swimming, some running and good old family time. We have done so with Cody for nearly 12 years…all of his life. We have cared for Cody, trained him and had him certified to be off leash (one of the few in HK) we love and cherish him, always bring or buy him plenty of water and specifically are the best experts of his well-being.  Continue reading