Chef Paul

PaulPrudhommeSigningHolgaACropI have often dismissed the outpouring of regret when a celebrity passes away. In those times I usually like to point out that while the celebrity lived (and died) pretty well, many unfortunates lived and died in horrible circumstance, unnoticed. No less can be said of one of my culinary icon’s, Chef Paul Prudhomme. Having said all of that, I would like to take my moment to eulogize a person that had no small amount of impact on my life (and to be sure, the lives of many).  Continue reading


Of course, burying ones loved ones brings the finality of death into sharp focus. Does one look on from above as family make arrangements for the final resting place? My own thought is that it is physically impossible. There are no eyes to do the looking, those are dead and decaying. There is no brain to be the one in question. The best science has to offer is that there is no reason to believe in a soul. With anaesthesia we have all the necessary technology to vanish the self, with great ease, and as neurology clearly shows, it is all about brain function. There is no seat of the soul and there appears to be no evidence for a magical essence that is separate from the brain.  Continue reading

Goodbye Mother Chik

Last night, shortly after being served dinner by her younger daughter, Henry’s mother stopped breathing. The hospital staff was unable to revive her and so she died, around 8:30PM, she was 83. In life she was a house maid, then after marriage she worked doing garment piece work from home while being a homemaker for her family. She is survived by four good, kind, and productive children, and two budding grandchildren. She won’t be remembered in the press, but her small acts are part of the great human condition, and her memorial will be the expanding works of her progeny. We will all be fortunate enough to have had such a long life, leaving such an excellent legacy in our wake.

Ignorant News – Karoshi Chef

Ill preface this by saying I am sorry to see anyone passing from this world. I am also sorry to see a culture that would encourage such a lack of life balance. However…the news on the internet, by armchair bloggers, that Nathan Laity died of over work is ignorant of the facts, all readily available with a few minutes of reflection and google research. Continue reading

Paul Walker’s God

Paul Walker has died, and the internet is awash in sympathies. Walker appears to have been a half decent sample of the mammalian human race, no better than any, but also no worse.  I note that Walker was a Christian, who derided Atheists at least once.  I also note that many of the condolences I have seen from his fans have had a decidedly religious colour. For that I supply this as addendum to both my usual pith regarding celebrity death, and to the excellent video above: Continue reading

You Can’t Make This Up

Twice as many people have recently died in Europe from eating organic food than died in the Gulf of Mexico oil rig explosion and the nuclear power plant meltdown in Fukushima, Japan – combined.

Hyperbolic damned lies and statistics aside (no one died in the meltdown, and only 11 died in the rig), piling on the organic menace is an excellent point from Hank Campbell (no relation to Howard I presume) over at Science 2.0. At the end of his short blog is a string of other equally well honed positions on why organic is bay MmmKay? Have a look.