Afternoon Tea

“The tea that Grandpa brews
has a flavor I call home
(it’s tasty and fragrant
I can find no fault)” –  Jay Chow

Without a doubt the best benefit of coming down from Denali without having walked deep into the wild, was brought about by the subtle manipulations of my husband Henry. Without my knowing it, when we all returned to the Camp, he arranged for the two of us to take my parents for “tea.” Continue reading

Denali: There and Back Again

The group woke before dawn…well, there really isn’t a dawn here in summer, Sol just orbits closer or further from the horizon. That’s not entirely true. The Sun in this area does dip below the horizon for a few hours a day, during the summer, but it never gets more than dusky. Continue reading

Savage River

Our first day in the Denali area was, more or less a fam-tour. We walked around the Camp a bit (and I bought my bag) and then over to the visitors centre, where we immersed ourselves in the bountiful information until mid afternoon. Then some of us found an introductory hike, while the others went to drink, in careful (and ultimately necessary) preparation for the Cabin Night excursion.  Continue reading

Denali: In “Camp.”

We eventually arrived at the “camp” on the George Parks Highway just north of the National Park entrance. This unincorporated strip of camper parks, hotels and services, between Cantwell and Healy is a massive seasonal undertaking to serve the crowds of tourists who visit through the summer. If my experience working in the Grand Tetons is any guide,the camp probably only starts moving in mid May, and closes down quickly in mid September.

Continue reading

Anchorage to Denali

The road from Anchorage to Denali is long and slow. This is made up for in the second part of the trip by the vivid wild bush rolling passed the windows. But the first part of the trip is like skating through molasses. We did drive past Wasilla, and I don’t know if it was the angle of my poor perch but couldn’t make out either Russia or Sarah Palin from where I sat. Continue reading