20644 km, 38-hours, 4 airports, 3 small seats, 2 connections, 1 tired puppy.

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My return flight from Santiago to Hong Kong was an odyssey to be sure. I left my Hotel in Santiago on 7PM January 29th but the  bus didn’t arrive to the airport until 9PM and waited in the long long long line for bags and boarding pass, for about an hour and a half then in the immigration line for about an hour, got to my gate just as they began boarding and sat in the back row against the wall for the 12 hour flight to LAX. Continue reading

Taking Flight

It is magic. We hairless apes climb into an aluminum cylinder in numbers, sit in a plush cushioned seat; watch the latest movies and hear the latest radio; eat, drink, and (should)be merry. Giant-sized thrusters, and massive wings engage Newton’s laws and Bernoulli’s principal to catapult us miles into the sky at hundreds of miles per hours…speeds which are multiple times faster than nearly any other living thing. It is something to be awestruck by. And yet, in a scant few decades it has become so common place that we not only take it for granted — fail to marvel at the sheer glorious fact of human ingenuity and physics, but we often can be found to be making it a miserable event for ourselves and those near us. Continue reading

Arrived in Sydney

Arrived safe and sound in Sydney. The flight was good, a marvel of technology I tell ya. Hurtling through the air inside an aluminum bullet at nearly the speed of sound with on-demand, in-seat, personal, video, 2 Hot meals and a snack, reclining seats, service staff, amazing. And yet I can and do have 2 complaints about this Qantas flight. First it was cold enough to hang meat in there, and those who know me, know I seldom feel cold – usually quite the opposite. And on this flight, they wouldn’t let you bring water, even the stuff you buy after the security check! They checked every bag again right at the boarding gate and confiscated all water.

One small travel tip for those nearly frozen bread rolls they give you on the flight. Break your bread up into a few pieces and you can toast it lightly on the aluminum foil cover of your entrée. This is also a great way to soften you butter.

  Anyway, beautiful moon-rise in the air somewhere just north and west of Brisbane. Stunning, looked like it was just outside the edge of the wing. I’ll put up some pics of it tomorrow, forgot to bring my cable from my room. Also nice Central rail station – the exterior anyway – the interior reminds me of Grand Central about 30 years ago. Ugly. Arrived at The Youth Hostel safe and sound which is good enough. But all I can say is this hosteling is gonna take some getting used to. I did it a few times when I was a late teen…not sure I am cut out for it anymore. Place is teeming with youth – blech!