It’s (not) Frankenfood!

Following yesterdays theme let me lob another grenade at everyones favourite food demon: GMO. One of my weekly podcast subscriptions, from before it was cool, is the wonderful Skeptoid, by Brian Dunning. It is an extra treat that this week Brian (who is away on forced sabbatical) hosted the show instead of one of his guests. The episode lists and knocks down all the favourite tropes of anti-GMO advocates. For those who prefer, the episode is always also transcribed (at the link) for easy reading. In the end we are left with no reasonable objection to the continuing progress of our “farmacology”.

And Children Die

You may think I am banging the GMO drum kind of hard these days. Guilty. I do so because people, mostly babies, die from the fear mongering and bad politics of prospophobic luddites. Or conversely, when nations have embraced the technology of the green revolution, they have excelled. Billions of people have been saved from certain death by starvation  and hundreds of millions have been moved middle class affluence. Continue reading

Organic Shmanick

Following on from our choices post 9-11: do we want to be mindless primates full of fear and loathing, about make believe division? Or do we want to embrace our potential to be fully homo sapiens and bend our skills and technology to the good of all?

During the R&B show I was pleasantly surprised to hear a prominent Hong Kong chef, noted for shopping at our wet markets, completely dismiss Organic as vapid marketing. Continue reading