Unless God is Evil

This is a repost from my old blog. First published in Sep 09.

I woke to an email from my beloved mother today, a long forward, about the greatness and successes of generations past, with a final quote allegedly by Jay Leno about taking god out of the pledge of allegiance. I think it is a good idea. God was only added to the pledge in 1954, so most of the successes enumerated, happened before god was added, therefore pledging “under god” appears to have had no benefit. Further I (and any thinking person should) have great reservations about giving blank cheque approval and allegiance to anything, let alone a symbol of something that changes frequently (like a country). Continue reading

Mom and Dad

Not much to report, had a nice long phone call with Mom & Dad. I miss them very much. Any time you hear anyone say they are opposed to gay marriage, and equal rights for same-sex couples, on the ground of “family values,” do me a favor. Please tell them that you know of a man who has been expatriated from his country for the past 14 years because he is married to and madly in love with someone of the same gender. Because of this forced expatriation (due to the rights withheld him but afforded anyone who marries someone of opposite gender) he has been separated for all that time from his nation of birth; aging parents,  siblings, nieces and nephews; all of whom he also loves deeply. Then tell them this friend of yours says they should shut the fuck up.