You Can’t Make This Up

Twice as many people have recently died in Europe from eating organic food than died in the Gulf of Mexico oil rig explosion and the nuclear power plant meltdown in Fukushima, Japan – combined.

Hyperbolic damned lies and statistics aside (no one died in the meltdown, and only 11 died in the rig), piling on the organic menace is an excellent point from Hank Campbell (no relation to Howard I presume) over at Science 2.0. At the end of his short blog is a string of other equally well honed positions on why organic is bay MmmKay? Have a look.

Organic and Health

Another nail in the organic coffin, a study from the Stanford School of Medicine finds little evidence of health benefits from eating Organic.

Some highlights:

There isn’t much difference between organic and conventional foods, if you’re an adult and making a decision based solely on your health

After analyzing the data, the researchers found little significant difference in health benefits between organic and conventional foods. No consistent differences were seen in the vitamin content of organic products, and only one nutrient — phosphorus — was significantly higher in organic versus conventionally grown produce (and the researchers note that because few people have phosphorous deficiency, this has little clinical significance).

The review yielded scant evidence that conventional foods posed greater health risks than organic products. While researchers found that organic produce had a 30 percent lower risk of pesticide contamination than conventional fruits and vegetables, organic foods are not necessarily 100 percent free of pesticides. What’s more, as the researchers noted, the pesticide levels of all foods generally fell within the allowable safety limits.

Marketing…the truth will eventually out.