What is this quintessence of dust?

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed about my small work by the good people in the ATO of the US Consul General for Hong Kong and Macau. The resultant fine edit is a string of strange non sequitur statements (by yours truly), all ending in the form of a question? Whatdayagonnado! It was very nice being presented and of course the school, students and my team look lovely. 

In the hours of actual footage the idea I was trying to get through was:

I am the result of a deep culinary tradition of the melting pot of America. Brought to love diverse, ethnic home-style cuisine by my heritage, and especially by the wonderful home cooking of my Mother and Grandmothers. That the America I know, love, and am proud of is a place that celebrates diversity, pluralism, and damned good food. Some of the best food in the world comes from my place of birth, and certainly The USA produces many of the worlds finest ingredients.

While I may have become a gypsy – traveling the world, considering it my nation, and its people my brethren – I am still guided by the wondrous bounty, eclectic variety, and warm conviviality that, to me, is American cuisine. In my work here at HKA, and in all past stations, I have tried to share my love for all that I received by accident of birth. To me that is quintessentially what being American is all about. 

Independence Day


The Declaration of Independence: A Transcription (with commentary)

On this certain July the fourth, I thought I might post and comment on a document I find exceptional in the lexicon of human thought. It is prose become poetry, and often has had an impact on my thoughts and actions. I hope the wonderful ideas contained in it will continue to inspire me for many years to come. I hope they inspire you too. Continue reading

Bad to the Bone



20130627-185106.jpgAs many (of the three of you who read this) may know, I recently helped the USDA and USMEF relaunch US bone in beef here in Hong Kong (it had been banned for a decade due to politics). Because of that, I’ve had to spend some amount of time understanding and communicating the importance of the bone on the beef. The summary I came up with was:

1. It adds drama.
2. It adds texture.
3. It adds flavor.
4. It greatly enhances the pleasure of eating.

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